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Phony Money in WC

December 15, 2016
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Officials in Wayne County said there is a lot of counterfeit money circulating at local businesses. Sheriff Jody Ashley said itís mostly 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills, and in most cases itís hard to tell the difference. Ashley said one of the easiest ways to detect counterfeit money is by getting a counterfeit money pen to mark your bills. Other things to look for are discoloration, the size of the bills, and the texture of the bill. Officials said thereís a watermark on the bills that should be checked. It can be done by placing the bill under a light, and the face of the bill should be displayed to the right. There is also a strip that appears vertically that has the amount of the bill located to the right on the 10 and 50 dollar bills, and to the left on the 100 and 20 dollar bills, officials added. Sheriff Ashley said if you donít check for these things it could end up costing you in the Long Run. ďOnce you get that 20 or whatever you take, itís on you,Ē Sheriff Ashley explained.