April 11 Arrests

April 14, 2016

Francis Chaney of Mobile, Alabama, was charged with DUI other. Wayne County Sheriff Jody Ashley stopped Chaney on Highway 45 South after a short chase. Ashley saw a man leaning into a black Dodge Charger as it was stopped on the highway in front of a local church. Ashley said he saw Chaney and another man allegedly making a drug purchase. Ashley then turned around and pursued the vehicle, finally stopping Chaney in Buckatunna. A search by Ashley and Narcotics Agents Macy Torrey and Deputy Alfred Hill turned up suspicious materials along with stacks of $20 and $50 bills. They also found hydrocodone and other pills inside the vehicle. Chaney became sick and was transported to Wayne General Hospital. Chaney told officers he had ingested marijuana the night before. Chaney could face additional charges.