Indoor Marijuana Growing Operation Dismantled Near School and Church

March 29, 2010

Sean Thomas Pinkerton

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Department and The South Mississippi Narcotics
Task Force dismantled an indoor marijuana growing operation just after lunch Friday January 22nd 2010. Officers executed a search warrant on a residence located on the Buckatunna Millry Road and discovered an elaborate indoor marijuana growing operation. “This growing operation was very sophisticated and utilized a lot of specialized equipment”, said SMNTF Agent Joey Moulds.
Officers also found precursor chemicals that are used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. An AK47 assault rifle was located in the house which is also located within 1500 feet of a Church and School.
The resident, Sean Thomas Pinkerton, was present and arrested at the time the search warrant was served and charged with possession of marijuana within 1500 feet of a church and school while in possession of a firearm; manufacturing marijuana; & possession of precursor chemicals within 1500 feet of a church and school while in possession of a firearm.
A tip was submitted through the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department’s website’s
Submit a Tippage. SMNTF Agents began an investigation working with the information that was submitted and gained probable cause to obtain the search warrant. “I encourage people to pass information of illegal activity to us through our website’s Submit a Tip page or Crime Stoppers.” said Sheriff Farrior.

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